“Transgendered Persons and the Christian Faith” Repost

Originally posted at http://johnharmstrong.typepad.com/john_h_armstrong_/2009/09/transgendered-persons-and-the-christian-faith.html

SEPTEMBER 01, 2009

Transgendered Persons and the Christian Faith

David_Virtue_Headshot[1]Some years ago, at a conference on the Wheaton College campus on the life of Malcolm Muggeridge, I met Dr. David W. Virtue. David is not only became a friend but he has provided marvelous resources for me on issues within the Episcopal Church (USA). His regular posts are available atwww.virtueonline.org. If you are an Episcopalian, or perhaps you are just interested in hearing an orthodox voice from within the present meltdown of this historic church family, David is your man. He collects articles and news reports and writes some truly remarkable stuff.

Though I was a bit surprised by a recent post of David’s I found it provocative and insightful. This subject is almost never discussed by Christians. In the midst of the same-sex debate that now rages in the church-at-large David addresses a subject here that is often wrongly linked to the angst many feel about ecclesial approval of homosexual practice. I now reprint (with David’s permission) the August 28 account he put on his site.

Little did I know what was in store for me when I accepted a lunch invitation from a VOL reader whom I had never met. Soon, I found myself seated at a nearby Chinese restaurant, opposite a lady who proceeded to tell me that she is a transgendered person.

Specifically, she believes she was born with a condition called gender dysphoria, commonly known as transsexualism. I have never had an in-depth, face-to-face conversation with a person who had had a sex change operation, a person who was once a man and is now very much a woman. This may well be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for me…. 

Read more at: http://johnharmstrong.typepad.com/john_h_armstrong_/2009/09/transgendered-persons-and-the-christian-faith.html

One thought on ““Transgendered Persons and the Christian Faith” Repost

  1. Trans issues really challenge most Christians’ worldviews, which means a lot never get their head around it, which is unfortunate. However, I really think the Holy Spirit is moving right now to change hearts.

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