Monsignor Keith Barltrop on trans issues

From The Pope could be best friends with trans people after all by Jane Fae.

Monsignor Keith Barltrop… was recently tasked by the head of the Catholic Church in England, Cardinal Vincent Nichols, for expanding the church’s LGBTI ministry.

Gay Star News asked Barltrop what he understood the Pope’s official position on transgender issues to be.

He told us: ‘I would be surprised if it is an issue he has given any great thought to. At an individual level, transgender issues affect a very small minority of individuals within the church.

‘As far as I am aware, the Church takes no official position on transgenderism: it is a pastoral issue, not a matter of doctrine.

‘Insofar as the Church were to be involved in any individual’s decision to transition, it would counsel caution, because this is not a step to take lightly: but it should be fully supportive of individuals who have made that decision.’

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3 thoughts on “Monsignor Keith Barltrop on trans issues

  1. Thank you for posting. Whatever the differences of opinion, it must at least be said that every Christian I have so far come out to has been at least sympathetic, and some totally accepting of my transition. Even to those who feel morally unable to applaud my decision, I am glad to see that within our faith still pervades a spirit of acknowledging that not one of us is perfect and we are all equally in need of the same atonement.

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  3. Reblogged this on transatlantictransadvocates and commented:
    More on the Pope. Francis appears to be an understanding, compassionate human being. But he has his bureaucracy to deal, just like any corporation. There are many of us impatient ones who glom on to every word he says in the hope that full acceptance of trans* and inter* is just around the corner.

    We know what is going on within us. Why can’t the rest of you understand and accept us? The struggle continues.

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