Upcoming changes to the site

Dear readers and friends,

A revamp of The Catholic Transgender has been a long time in the making. This blog began as an online journal for my tortured ramblings as I tried to figure out what to do about being a Roman Catholic and transgender woman. It has grown – it seems to me – into a resource that I want to make accessible to other trans* christians, allies, and those seeking information about the intersection of gender and Christianity.

In addition, a problem arose from mixing work with play. As a public blog with an intellectual bent, I opened myself up to dialog and discussion. However, I felt vulnerable and attacked because The Catholic Transgender was also my personal musings.

I firmly believe that the best way for me to change the world is to offer myself (in vulnerability) as a voice, but I’ve also come to realize the value of compartmentalizing.

Consequently, in the near future I’ll be splitting this site into two different blogs. The first, keeping the name The Catholic Transgender, will focus on trans* christian news, theology, philosophy, spirituality, and information. Posts of a personal nature will only appear here if they directly relate to being a trans* christian and are written for “the public.”

The other blog (violacaeli.wordpress.com) will serve a more personal nature. There I’ll talk about my transition journey, fashion, film, and more “radical” topics like feminism, the charismatic renewal, and activism. To all my cyberfriends and allies who want to continue our ongoing journey together, I invite you to follow me there.



6 thoughts on “Upcoming changes to the site

  1. I wish you continued success with this blog. I love what you have to say, and I follow you because I think what you have to share is important. Keep the faith and good luck on your new blog!

  2. All the best in your new (reformulated) journey. You have an important voice to share: I know myself how challenging it can be to distinguish that which is generically important, from the more personal. May you benefit from suitable gifts of discernment

  3. Hi Anna. Be sure to let me know when you split the blogs. The Catholic Transgender has been listed on T-Central, in the Trans/Religion Blogs section for some time now. I’d like to list your personal blog in the main Personal Thoughts section.

    I mentioned The Catholic Transgender in the most recent T-Central featured blog post.


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