Hello, and welcome to CatholicTrans.

This blog began as a personal initiative to reconcile my faith with my transgender identity. However, over time it has grown organically into a resource for others as well as myself. Given the flood of misinformation out there,  CatholicTrans is an attempt to create a space on the web for real, non-fear-driven information about transgender issues in light of being Christian and Catholic.

While my process of discernment is never over and I continue to pray for guidance, it has become incredibly clear to me that God loves his transgender children as they are and invites them to ever-deeper communion with his Mystical Body, the Church. CatholicTrans is founded on this conviction.

This blog is a pet project: a very specific engagement of trans identities and experiences from a distinctly Catholic perspective. Such being the case, please note it does not necessarily represent the views of the transgender movement at large.


12 thoughts on “About

  1. Thank you so much for writing this blog. Your words were so very helpful to me when coming to grips with my Christian faith and my trans identity.

  2. Just discovered your blog via your /r/Catholic post. As someone who doesn’t quite identify as a Catholic but is certainly inspired by his Catholic upbringing (and writers like Tolkien, GK Chesterton), I felt I related to you. I also admire your honesty and exploration around gender in the Catholic faith. Just wanted say that! Keep up the awesome work here! – JJ (aka @shamansun)

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