To Grieving Christian Parents of a Transgender Person

Dear parents (and siblings, relatives, close ones) of transgender persons,

I’m writing this letter because I don’t want what happened to me to happen to anyone else. If there’s a transgender person in your life whom you love, I have no doubt you want the best for them. I’m hoping we can work together for a moment to make sure the person you love experiences your care. Continue reading

“Call Me Caitlyn” – Commonweal (Link)

“Call Me Caitlyn” By J. Peter Nixon

The question as I see it is whether a person with a gender identity that is at variance with their chromosomal/physical gender necessarily violates the moral law if they choose to live according to their gender identity and (although this is a separate question) ultimately undergo gender reassignment surgery.


Perhaps the Church will come to recognize that a decision to pursue gender reassignment surgery need not be motivated by an understanding of gender that is incompatible with our theological anthropology.

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