Is Caitlyn Jenner a Demon? [Reblog]

I was going to write a response to Fr. Dwight Longenecker’s shortsighted article The Devil of Detroit and Caitlyn Jenner, but thankfully Melinda Selmys (my hero!) saved me from that ugh-some task.

From Is Caitlyn Jenner a Demon? by Melinda Selmys.

Fr. Longenecker’s article turns on the fact that the statue of Baphomet recently unveiled by the Satanists in Detroit includes elements of both male and female. Although he doesn’t quite come out and say it directly, the strong implication is that transgender people remake themselves in the image and likeness of a demon […]

Here’s the problem: there is a massive difference between the meaning of a symbol ina statue and the implications of the same physical reality in an actual human body. Take blindness for example. We often use the symbolism of blindness to refer to “spiritual blindness,” that is an inability to see the truth or apprehend the good. Scripture is very careful, however, to make it clear that blind people are not to be judged according to this symbolism.

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2 thoughts on “Is Caitlyn Jenner a Demon? [Reblog]

  1. What really bothers me is my mom’s good friend is friends with Fr. Longenecker on Facebook (and her friend also liked Matt Walsh who has some really negative opinions on trans people) and that kinda scares me. My mom also refuses to do any research on trans issues cause she thinks it’s all “evil” and a “Satanic lie”. I read your article on grieving parents of a transgender person and I’m basically in your same situation with parents that have very similar views but I haven’t come out yet and I don’t see how that’s even possible right now. Thanks for writing this blog though!

  2. Wasn’t Baphomet just a made-up demon to slander the Knights Templar so the Pope at the time could help himself to all their money? One would have thought that was the kind of embarrassing episode of the medieval church that as modern Christians we would do better not to dredge up…

    An excellent come-back to a singularly depressing piece of scaremongering, and one which opened my eyes to some elements of scripture I had barely considered.

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