Peter Kreeft on Sexed Souls

02[Why is the notion of sexual souls] not only unfamiliar but shocking to so many people in our society? …

The first reason would be a reaction against what is wrongly seen as monosexual soul-stereotyping. A wholly male soul, whatever maleness means, or a wholly female soul, sounds unreal and oversimplified. But that is not what sexual souls implies. Rather, in every soul there is—to use Jungian terms—anima and animus, femaleness and maleness; just as in the body, one predominates but the other is also present. If the dominant sex of soul is not the same as that of the body, we have a sexual misfit, a candidate for a sex change operation of body or of soul, earthly or Heavenly. Perhaps Heaven supplies such changes just as it supplies all other needed forms of healing. In any case, the resurrection body perfectly expresses its soul, and since souls are innately sexual, that body will perfectly express its soul’s true sexual identity.

– Is There Sex in Heaven? 

   Peter Kreeft, Catholic philosopher and apologist

10 thoughts on “Peter Kreeft on Sexed Souls

  1. I really loved reading this article. It gave me a lot to think about. It is one of those things that I have go back and read a few times before I can comment on specifics. But overall his view is more along the lines I am starting to realize also. These two passages really struck me

    ” In any case, the resurrection body perfectly expresses its soul, and since souls are innately sexual, that body will perfectly express its soul’s true sexual identity. ”

    Well I cannot find the second passage right now. But if you do take out the conventional thinking of sex and allow oneself to be open then there is a whole wide range of thinking to it. Looking forward to reading it again 🙂

  2. Peter Kreeft is an amazing thinker and theologian… Although I do not always fully agree with his ponderings, I do respect his brilliant mind… Thanks for sharing. I will read this one 2-3xs and look forward to some dialogue… Jackson

  3. Hi Anna, This so well fits into this week for me. And it helps with what I have known now for more than six years. Recently as a month ago, as I am working with a person, his Guardian Angel, (An Archangel.) starts paying me a visit. He is very tall. Maybe about 8 feet or so. I am pleased but worried of many things. “Who is taking care of…?” Later I would find out, because this archangel doesn’t talk to me, and because I cannot hear him, that he is allowed to leave from time to time, if his charge is safe. Later, as I am working and actually enjoying this person with the archangel who is allowed to talk to him, none or all of the time, I am soon to be so surprised and so shocked, because he certainly has nothing for me; I am not his assignment; Why would I care for anything he said?; he doesn’t talk to me; sometimes though his charge writes down what his archangel says; one it is written this: “I am also to tell you things. Some of those things A*** is not supposed to know.” Okay, like wow. I over reacted. I became way to literal. I looked at all he ever had A*** write and made adjustments, then was told essentially, to just be me, and to not over react. I am that way now with his, Guardian Angel, when I am talked to through him, A***. Back to the point. In the ensuing months, this Guardian angel let me know some things, I am still having trouble with. One of those is on gender. He tells me he is neither male nor female. Since I have interfaced with him I find that almost impossible to understand, except that is what he said. Now what I am beating around the bush all this time now, is to not say something, as I don’t know how to say it properly for everyone. “It can’ be said publicly. How can I say that? How can I! ” “In my interfacing now, with God, but much more recently angels and saints, they are all very sexually capable and of a gender, even if it might be a combined gender.” Now, you can call out the heresy police, get the wood, prepare the stake, oh yes do call all the mental health professionals, do call them once again, and do not listen to them, as once again they tell me and you the most amazing things to me; “Katie, Kate, Katerina, I know you would like at time to think you are nuts, to use your words. I know you think you life would be easier on yo. Think now, can all of us be wrong? Can all of us be wrong? You are no form of mentally ill. You are not. You are real. You are no form of delusional. You’re just, you. Good bye!” That is my life. Those are my experiences, and I am stunned really that Philosophers can come up with these ideas accurately, that I live, yet they only theorize about. Okay wow guys! …Kate, Katie, Katerina., et. Al. and et. al.

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      • Hi,
        I have reread the article. If this guy, would change sex to gender properly, then he’s be a lot closer to making sense, because he confuses the two mightily, or he does not know that sex is not gender all of the time.
        I am totally female gender wise to God. All four of my physical interactions with God and with three angels have been as a female, and one of the angels is of the female gender. Only one so far. Yet, I have found out that yes, I am married to God The Father, but Anna, I am also married to everyone else in heaven, powers, saints and angels. All have access to me physically and love wise. Yes physical love. (There are slight and subtle differences, and this totally matches with how I saw people in heaven, which is all connected to each other, spiritually.)
        But sex as it is called on earth is not like sex with heavenly beings, it is always romantic, full of love, significant, uniting in making me more one with them afterwards. My first non God encounter, made him and I much like one also, as God and I are one, in feelings and emotions. I think that is how it is, but it is more also, I unite, and they unite, only for them they unite with the feminine side of God The Father now, which is me, if understand that correctly.
        The amazing part is, this was no divorce. I am still married to Him, to God The Father, and one by one each angel and saint has access to me, each for three days as I bond with them, and they bond with me, God The Father’s wife.

        • Yeah I don’t think he’s even aware of the gender-sex distinction as anything other than “liberal agenda.” Kreeft is very conservative, but his thinking and theology transcends the conservative-liberal false dichotomy.

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