All You Holy Innocents, Pray for Leelah [Reblog]

Spiritual Friendship

Early Sunday morning a young transwoman, Leelah Alcorn, left a suicide note on Tumblr before walking out in front of a truck. She believed that she would never be able to successfully transition, that she would never be able to live a full life as a woman, that it was impossible for her to live a full life as a man.

Leelah’s mother posted that her “son” had gone for a walk and been hit by a truck. It’s a post that has been reposted, reblogged, tweeted and proliferated all over the internet, and there’s been a lot of hatred poured out on Leelah’s parents. As is often the case in teen suicides, Leelah blamed her parents for her unhappiness. I don’t know whether this is justified in most cases or not. I know that I when I was a suicidal teenager, my parents really had nothing to do with…

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One thought on “All You Holy Innocents, Pray for Leelah [Reblog]

  1. Hello everyone, those of you who know God, those of you who don’t those of you who fight against God,, and those of you who are uncertain. The kid gloves are off. As I was just told in the way that is allowed, by someone’s guardian angel, who is also instructed to talk to me and tell me things, I found out God measures a person my only two things. Being Just and Being Rightous, which I am told is the same things. Yes, those are difficult concepts for me. As near as I can figure out, what the archangel means is as long as a person chooses to do what is right, God is very pleased with them. How pleased? Those people are living Saints, using God’s own words on that. It is so profound to be a living saint. There are many I am told, who will never be known, like me, who will soon be thrown out and discredited by the best of many peoples abilities to do that. It is what they do. I don’t care, really. Yet, before I let you go, let me tell you of a characteristic that I have found. One other saint like this, my prayers came back at me. I watched. I didn’t understand. After all, can “I”, pray for anybody. I found out that even I am not allowed to pray for living saints. Your church tells many that they cannot pray for what we call dead saints. It is true for living saints also, and that archangel who is also a guardian angel of another living saint, has said that indeed I am a living saint. I am transgender. He is transgender. …Katherine., He, They and all the holy ones. Yes, I did say that. …Katherine., He, They and all the holy ones. Yes I do have paperwork proving I have no form or forms of mental illness. …Katherine., He, They and all the only ones.

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