3 thoughts on “Empathy is Hard To Do [Reblog]

  1. I have very much run into problems with the gay community not accepting the transgendered community. I think what is missing is God, the Catholic version of God. Not that God differs in other religions, if and only if they are talking about God, but that each religion of God, takes more or less of what God is from what is written about Him in the Bible. The Catholics take the most of all religions, but they also skip parts, thus allowing them to make mistakes from time to time. And they add things that should not be there from time to time. Also they have tried to invalidate Biblical sections, probably without meaning to, such as bowing before a pope. In any event, the Catholic parishioners and atheists more than any other group, accept not only gays as probably being okay, but also the transgendered like I am. You might not know or understand why atheists would be so accepting in general. As lengthy as that might be, let me start that in the next section, the next paragraph. In researching, I have never ever found an atheist that fits the expected definition of atheism. I have not. Over the past 30 to 40 years, not one professing atheist, is I don’t tell them what I am doing beforehand so they can defend the word and not their lives, I find that they totally believe, God exists, or at least could exist. And they do mean that a God exists out there, who, is responsible for all of this. This that we see around us. The only atheist that says he denies the above statement, is one who in a casual conversation, I told him what I was looking for. He then tucked in his tail and fought back hard. In a few years he is buckling as one amazing event after another is telling him that he is wrong. Because he is not really an assignment of mine to have him know what I know, and no one is to date, I will let him go on thinking whatever it is he would like to think is true, for now. Yet, in the world of acceptance, why should not you accept? Why? And what will it take for people like me, while fighting to not be me, to not accept others for who they are? Yes, it is true that what you don’t want to be true within yourself, is sometimes hated when it is encountered in others. So, it remains to be asked and the answers are the truth usually. What is it that these haters have not accepted within themselves yet? …Katerina/Curtis.

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  2. They say that empathy Is hard to do Now I know I know That it’s true Instead of Breaking up I wish that we were making up again.

    Does the song say it better? Is empathy that hard?

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