Upcoming posts: T*CP – Resurrection theology for the severely transsexed

During the next few weeks, if I can find time or shirk duties enough, I’m going to be writing (and hopefully publishing) an Easter series of posts on christian/Catholic Resurrection theology from a transgender perspective. The series will come in parts.

Ressurection Theology for the Severely Transsexed:

1. The Heavenly Dysphoria – on how we yearn for something more, for we are not complete and the world is fallen.

2. The Glorified Wounds – on how our very woundings (read: transgender condition) is our glory, and is what we will bear as a badge in heaven

3. The Seed and the Tree: Scripture and the Heavenly Metamorphosis – how our current body is only the seed of our body to come. About the unknown metamorphosis awaiting us in heaven.

4. Sex in Heaven: Jesus Christ and the Sexes – about how sex in heaven is a mystery, and so is the sexes.

5. To Be Fully Known – about how in heaven our bodies will certainly perfectly express our souls

6. Appendix A: The Church Fathers on the Resurrected Body

7. Appendix B: Aquinas on the Resurrected Body

8. Appendix C?: The Mystics on the Resurrected Body?

Other upcoming theology posts include but are not limited to…

1)      Aristotle’s Four Causes of Transgenderism: Cover the four causes and talk about the need to recover the last two causes.

2)      The catholic approach: Christ and/also everything else: Talk about the and/also approach of Catholic/Christian theology and how it lends itself positively to understanding transgender issues

3)      Chesterton, Paradox, and Common Mysticism: How Chesterton’s worldview of paradoxes and ‘common sense’ mysticism can help us understand transgenderism.

4)      Hylomorphic Transiness: Superficial versus deep hylomorphism.

5)     Embodied Mysteries: Veiled natures in Christian theology – sacramentality and the incarnation.

  • Part 1: The Incarnation – the Incarnation, embodiment, and transgenderism
  • Part 2: Trans*substantiation – the Eucharist, veiled embodiment, and transgenderism
  • Part 3: Sandbox of the Jewish God – how the Judeo-Christian God doesn’t mind getting dirty by interacting in time and space

6)     The Great Reversal: How Christ glorifies minorities. The last shall be first.

7)     “Let My People Go!”: A theology of emancipation.

8)      The Trinity and being Queer: The importance of both unity and diversity. Biological diversity and its role in evolution.

9)      Exposing ‘Biblical Masculinity’ and ‘Biblical Femininity: False ideas of gender stereotyping supposedly justified by the Bible. What the Bible really has to say.

10)  Saintly Travesty – on holy people who crossed gender norms

  • Part 1: Gender Exodus – Hebrew Heroes and Gender Non-Comformists – a description of how pretty much every single Bible woman, and most of the men, defy strict fundamentalist gender norms/stereotypes
  • Part 2: Cross-Dressing in the Desert – the lives of Marinus/Marina the Monk, Theodora/Theodorus of Alexandria, St. Hildegonde of Neuss, and others
  • Part 3: The Curious Case of St. Wilgefortis
  • Part 4: The Manly Maid of Orleans  – the life of Joan of Arc

11)  Mysticism for the Gender-Impaired: How in Christian tradition all souls are feminine in relation to God, and all share in Christ’s inheritance as priest/prophet/king. Also, about Julian of Norwich’s controversial passage calling Christ our “Mother.”

12)  Transgender Prophecy: The prophetic role of trans people in society. Spiritual wombs, spiritual procreation, spiritual motherhood and fatherhood.

13)      Revisiting Genesis

  • Part 1: Alternatives from Patristic Theology – The church fathers and sex/gender
  • Part 2: Visiting the Rabbis – The rabbinic/midrash tradition regarding Genesis
  • Part 3: Adam the Androgyne – About the Jewish reading of Adam as originally being hermaphroditic


Apparently I’ve decided to write a whole book on this. 😛

3 thoughts on “Upcoming posts: T*CP – Resurrection theology for the severely transsexed

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    There is a lot to cover here and really just about nobody writing about it. Let’s hope this undergrad can stay in school through her doctorate so she has time to get to all of it.

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