Catholic transgender ex-prostitute tackles intolerance [Reblog]

Mami Yuli is seriously my hero. Read this article or watch this BBC video for more about her philanthropic and social work on behalf of other trans people. 

Catholic transgender ex-prostitute tackles intolerance

<p>Mami Yuli worked as a prostitute for 17 years in Jakarta (photo by Katharina R Lestari)</p>

Members of Indonesia’s transgender community have a tougher time than most.

Yulianus Rettoblaut was 35 years old when she decided to leave prostitution. It was after her mother died.

A Catholic male-to-female transgender, her parents had never accepted her decision – they were embarrassed – and Yulianus says her brother blamed her for their mother’s death.

“It made me hate myself so much,” she says.

<Read the rest of the article here>

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