Debunking Myth #5: Transgender people are liberals

This post is part of a series on Debunking the 10 (+1) Lies About Trans People

Myth #5:  Transgender people are radical liberals with crazy ideas

imagesAnother one of those weird connections often made in peoples’ minds is between transgenderism and extreme liberalism. I suppose it goes back to that idea that since transgender people are breaking through one social barrier, we are assumed to want to do away with all social barriers.

There is really no foundation for this claim. Transgender people come from many walks of life, varied religious traditions, and various political affiliations. Case in point: I am Catholic and politically independent – hardly an “extreme liberal.” In fact, I am pro life and pro subsidiarity, two supposedly “conservative” values.

Being transgender inevitably shapes one’s political and social views, but for different people it shapes them differently. Some trans people react to their state by wanting to tear down the male-female dichotomy in society and bring about a change in how we view gender. Others just want society to be more accepting of their condition. Some think that the male-female dichotomy and the institution of the family are totally awesome, and just want society to admit there are exceptions to the rule. The political/social views are as varied as the people who hold them.

There really is  no rule for where a trans person will fall on a political spectrum. Trans people are like everyone else in this regard, and should not be pigeonholed as anarchists.

Once again, this blog is a case in point. The reason this blog exists is to provide – among other things – a distinctly Catholic opinion on the ramifications of transgender reality. The fullness of Catholic spirituality and culture is hardly liberal or conservative; it is a paradox of ideas that includes many “liberal” notions like pro-environment and pro-social justice as well as many “conservative” ideals like the importance of tradition and the existence of a universal morality. Being trans and Catholic gives me an unconventional paradigm by which I view society, but that paradigm is hardly straightforward liberalism.

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3 thoughts on “Debunking Myth #5: Transgender people are liberals

  1. Transgender people are freaks of nature manipulated by the liberal media and bad parenting. Not a coincidence those two dyke couples happen to have a transgender boy to girl adopted child. There’s no such things as coincidence in life. Stop screwing up America. Support Muslims because Liberals have ruined this Country. They have raped our children’s minds.

    • I’m not particularly liberal when all is said and done. I’m deeply religious and was brought up in a very conservative family. I do believe that I was born the way God intended me, but that means both my body AND my mind/soul were made by God.

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