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_1384108748.29728_744Hi, I’m Anna Magdalena, a 21 year old Catholic MtF transsexual!

I’m currently in the process of discerning whether to transition or not. In this process I’ve done lots of research about the Catholic Church’s position on transgenderism, as well as a lot of praying to figure out God’s will. I’ve been appalled by the amount of misinformation out there on the web, which has spurred me on to provide a space on the internet for more balanced views on transgenderism. Even though God hasn’t revealed to me which way to go in my own life, it’s clear to me that transsexualism is a complicated issue, and those who think transsexuals are all going to Hell are gravely misinformed.

I hope you enjoy this blog as I take a spiritual and intellectual journey into the trans world. I hope to bring two worlds which are often assumed to contradict each other – Catholicism and transgenderism – together in harmony. My hope is that I’m the person to do it. I am trans to the max: I’m just a nice girl looking to be myself and let my soul shine. I’m nerdy Catholic to the max: I read G. K. Chesterton, watch The Princess Bride, go to daily Mass, and gobble up everything Pope Francis says.



My patron Saints are Mary Magdalene, Joan of Arc, Teresa of Avila, and Mother Theresa of Calcutta.

My hobbies include film making, writing, poetry, reading Jane Austen, praise & worship, boxing, cooking, collaging, swing dancing, and singing.

I’m slightly obsessed with the color purple, probably because it’s one of those random details of my personality that got repressed along the way.

I study philosophy and film, mostly film. See y’all in Hollywood!

I’m Italian American and oh-so proud of it.

I love you all, and I hope you enjoy my blog! Please stop by again!

14 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi! I really like your site. Is there any chance I can send you an email? I can’t find one on your site so I figured I’d just ask here. 🙂 Lisa

  2. AnnaMagda4Christ, it’s a pleasure to meet you. I believe, like Simon Peter (Jn 6) and you, that there is nowhere to go but the one (Catholic) Church of Jesus. I’m 55, been on some kind of HRT for almost a year, starting with Phoenix Project, switching in November to Transfemme. Much facial hair is removed. My wife is divorcing me after 30 years of marriage. This is a very tough time. We have four young adult children. Continue your prayerful discernment and I must say that whatever you decide,
    you should not beat yourself up afterwards when you wonder if you made a mistake. Those doubts come. BTW, my “Miriam” name is to honor the 4 Marys at the cross. Then there is Therese and Faustina and Anna. The first names come together as mtf as an unplanned bonus. :).

    • Miriam, pleasure to meet you as well! I’ll pray for your transition and family. Please pray for me as I discern.

      Mary Magdalene has always been one of my patron saints, and Anna the mother of Mary is appropriate because I have a special devotion to our Lady. So I’m also a fan of the women at the Cross. 🙂

  3. Hi – just discovered your site and, as a sister in Christ, I’m in the process of devouring every page & post & link & reference! I am just now preparing to begin a dialogue with my pastor about my trans nature and anxiously, nervously anticipating his response. I hope to educate myself further because I think I may end up helping him grow in understanding this interesting experience as well.

    Along with another MTF gal (my BFF!), I maintain a local support group for trans people in our community. I believe your site will be of ineterest and benefit. With your permission I would like to share your posts on our site…

    Anyway, thanks for your effort, and know that I will keep you in my daily prayers.


    • Thanks so much for liking my posts, Kris! Sure, you can share whatever you want! I’m going to be posting a lot this summer (including a whole series on the Resurrection for trans* people which I’m in the process of writing) so stay tuned 🙂
      The prayers are both needed and appreciated 🙂

  4. Hi There,
    I just found your blog and, I must say, am blown away by your depth of analysis of the TG/TS dimension of life and spirituality in the RCC. I have often been sHocked by the contradictory and circular reasoning prevalent in the so-called ”teachings” filtered through the kidneys of these latter day Catholic TV and radio evangelists who claim they are not experts on issues of gender migrants,, yet they invariably proceed with pontifications condemning the Transexual or Traansgendered person as being ”disordered” and acting against Gods intended purpose for our ”naughty bits.” It would seem to me that if these people who claim they are not ”experts” on these matters, that common sense and prudence and Catholic Christian charity and love, and moreover,, scripture would forbid the judging of anyone.
    I think I derive the greatest comfort from knowing that God looks on the heart and judgement ultimately comes from God alone. I look forward to reading more of your thoughts on issues affecting our community in the Catholic Church.

    • Thank you for reading my blog! Yeah, it’s incredible how people who admit they know nothing on the topic still manage to come up with extremely radical and definite views on transsexualism. Unfortunately deeply human issues like transsexuality are swallowed up in the crossfire of the current culture war.

    • I always enjoy hearing of more Catholic Christian tg’s or ts’s out there. The only ones with whom I am acquainted are on your blog, on the Yahoo! group TransCatholic, and one through e-mail. I don’t know any other besides me in the flesh.

  5. Thanks for sharing your heart with us! I’m also going through the transgender experience, still coming to terms with what this means for me. Have you heard of Eden Invitation? In their own words, it’s a Catholic organization “celebrating personal integration and promoting solidarity beyond the LGBT+ paradigm.” It’s run by two amazing Catholic lay women, who’ve both had gender identity issues and same sex attractions.

    It’s mostly online and targeted at young adults. Aside from the sacraments and direct encounters with God in prayer, it’s literally the best spiritual experience I’ve ever had! As someone in the same boat, I just wanted to tell you about it! In case you have any fears, before doing anything, you literally have to sign off that this is not and will not be reparative therapy. Nobody in the Catholic church has ever been so good to me!

    http://www.edeninvitation.com Shannon is such an inspiration! https://youtu.be/O3TeVmpv0WI

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